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With my services, I aim to help you become familiar with the heart and mind of the futurist.

Photo by Roeltje van de Sande Bakhuijzen


    A few years ago I walked into MIT Media Lab and realized: this is heaven for scholars like me. The MIT professors work without disciplines, are extremely open-minded and create cutting edge new ideas. It is an approach to science that I feel comfortable with. I tend to introduce myself as a sociologist by training, drawing from other disciplines like anthropology and science and technology studies to inform my research.

    Studying the future is inherently looking for the edges too. I spend most of my time studying uncertainty, uneasiness, the not-knowing. If I am honest: these are topics I was trained out of when attending university. The generations of students I met during my time as a teacher helped me navigate my way back to them. And still I struggle to take my time for not-knowing, but I see it as a practice to stay aware of this challenge.

    Two examples of my research projects are my PhD thesis Becoming Futurists and my inaugural speech the future belongs to all of us. You can download both documents directly. Don’t hesitate to reach out after reading the documents, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    Becoming Futurists, design by Alt8, captured by Tomas Mutsaers


    A few times a year, I offer bespoke advice, which may vary from helping you to formulate a sound and actionable long-term vision, facilitating forward looking conversations or creating in-depth programs for your team. If you need a critical outsider to help you formulate what matters and how to think long term, reach out to me with the button below.

    Photo by Roeltje van de Sande Bakhuijzen


    In the online class ‘Becoming Futurists’, launching in 2024, I will guide you how to become a futurist. Based on my experience as a teacher and scholar I realised that the future belongs to all of us—but that most of us just didn’t learn to use it yet. I’m here to help you get started.

    What to expect?

    • The basics of futures thinking.
    • Insights on how to use the futurist mindset to become more innovative in your work.
    • Hands-on tools to integrate futures thinking in your work and life.
    • A tailor-made plan to further enhance and develop your forward looking skills.

    Tessa Cramer captured by Janita Sassen


    I’m available for speaking inquiries about the mindset of a futurist. Formats vary from crash courses for beginners to comprehensive sessions with experts. Check out my agency, the Next Speaker.

    Tessa Cramer captured by Wijnand van Till