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FAQ: how to deal with the future?

The most frequently asked question to me as a futurist is: how can I deal with the feeling of powerlessness when I think about the future? The question hits me like a brick, every single time. Since covid-19, I recognize an increasing lethargy towards the future. It gives me the impression that more and more people are convinced they have no influence on our future. After years of conducting scientific research I concluded: the opposite is true. Although it is helpful to have examples of people who can inspire us to take ownership of the future.

Today’s challenges are integral, intertwined and complex and ask for a new breed of leaders. Daredevils, risk takers and go-getters. Leaders who dare to deviate, persevere and push new agendas.

The time is right, we are about to ‘change direction’, to speak with architect Floris Alkemade. But, he observes, ‘in doing so, it is important to look inwards as a leader.’ We may therefore interpret leadership broadly – it would be too easy to leave it only to a select group of politicians, administrators and thought leaders to create change. We all have the opportunity to shape our collective future.

This transition requires not only in-depth theoretical analysis, but also an examination of our own capabilities to initiate the change. In order to grasp the major economic, psychological and socio-cultural themes, it is urgent that we focus our attention towards human growth and, more specifically, our inner growth. In my work I provide tools to start working with the future, check out my services for more information.