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Futurist based in Amsterdam.

Photo by Roeltje van de Sande Bakhuijzen

Lovely to have you here! You find yourself at the digital home of my work. If you navigate to stories you will find news, updates on my latest projects and a sneak peak of Future Atlas, a newsletter with my contemplations and reflections. Under services you will find all the ways to connect with me. You can, for example, download my PhD thesis Becoming Futurists, reach out to my agent Demi Bronkhorst or inquire if I can assist you in any way.

With my work as a futurist and scholar, I invite you to identify what truly matters and live up to it. With my knowledge of the futurist mindset, I will encourage you to create and shape your future. My hopes are, that if you have learned how to think and act like a futurist, you are going to inspire and help others to think about their future too. In short, if you would like to know how to integrate the futurist mindset in your life and work, I hope you feel invited to reach out to me.