Futurist based in Amsterdam

I am convinced that futures thinking is useful for anyone. Don't hesitate to reach out to me to learn more about my practice and how it may benefit yours.

The future belongs to all of us and my quest is to show you around. As a future-minded academic, curiosity and an interdisciplinary approach is at the root of my work. There are two recurrent themes: 1. keep asking relevant questions and 2. help guiding others to navigate complex and unexpected futures. I do this by showing universities, ministries and companies how they can use futures tools in their own context. 

In the spring of 2020 I published my PhD thesis titled 'Becoming Futurists' at Maastricht University. In this study I offer insight in what we can learn from the mindset of futurists. Currently I am an associate professor Designing the Future at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries. In this role, I translate the futurist mindset for a broader public. Due to the corona crisis, I set my original plans aside, my job is first and foremost to help others make sense of this daunting time. After the summer of 2020, I will publish the research agenda that we are going to pursue with this novel research group.

dr Tessa Cramer