Future-minded academic based in Amsterdam

Why do we all learn about history in high school and not about the future? I trust that one day I won’t have to ask this question anymore. And in expectation that day, I will - on repeat.


The future belongs to all of us and my quest is to show you around. As a future-minded academic, curiosity and an interdisciplinary approach is at the root of my work. There are two recurrent themes: 1. keep asking relevant questions and 2. help guiding others to navigate complex and unexpected futures. I do this by showing universities, ministries and companies how they can use futures tools in their own context. 

I completed my PhD thesis titled 'Becoming Futurists' at Maastricht University. In this study I offer insight in what we can learn from the mindset of futurists. To stay connected to new generations of futurists, I teach futures thinking at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries, Nyenrode and University College Amsterdam. But I didn't want to just limit my teaching to students, it is my aim to acquaint as many people as possible with the future. As such, I co-founded a Trend Research Lab to translate the future to the general public.

dr Tessa Cramer