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At the crossroads of nature and culture, dr Tessa Cramer’s extensive knowledge of the future brings you in a thoughtful mode, ready for contemplation. She helps you to create and shape our own future. By connecting ratio & intuition, science & design and nature & technology she helps to identify what truly matters and live up to it.

If you would like to know how to incorporate futures thinking in your life, feel free to connect.

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Recently published: my phd thesis titled 'Becoming Futurists'. 

When I first set foot in the future industry, I noticed how diverse futurists were, producing an array of insightful yet individual reports, workshops, presentations, designs, etc. At the time, I observed that many futurists were actively building towards becoming a profession. To be of value in this process, I decided to pursue a PhD thesis, with the aim to help futurists reflect on their work, and contribute to this relatively new discipline. The result is my book, Becoming Futurists, in which I propose a broader view on professionalization with futurists as exemplary case.

Design by Alt8, artwork by Thomas Trum and photo by Tomas Mutsaers


Photo by Diederick Bulstra

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"Why do we all learn about history in high school and not about the future? I trust that one day I won’t have to ask this question anymore. And in expectation that day, I will - on repeat."


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Okay, I admit, we played around with the

| The Trend Research Lab that I co-founded with my colleagues at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries

|Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

Bumped into this image on a wall of one

| Everything that happens at MIT Media Lab

_cococapitan for I-D’s Earthwise Issue.j

| The fonts that Coco Capitán 

creates for Gucci et al

| The portraits of Diederick Bulstra

Could not stop looking at this work on u

| This work on utopias by Carlijn Kingma